Amber is a third-party women's clothing company that stands out for its meticulous attention to detail.

We have been operating in the faon sector for over 30 years, during which time we have collaborated with numerous Italian and international customers. Thanks to the experience accumulated, we are now able to excel at every stage of the production process, employing highly qualified personnel able to perform complex processes even on delicate fabrics. We devote great care and attention to the execution of all stages of women's clothing production, because we intend to honor our mission -challenging but fascinating – every day.


Interpreting women's dreams, making garments that make them feel pampered.


Be the company Made in Italy leader in third-party tailoring, a company capable of creating the best quality products available on the market.


The manufacture of fine craftsmanship is the characteristic element of our work.

Our company admits elasticity and extensive customization of services. You can request:

  • The Faon, by cutting, packaging and ironing with materials supplied by the customer;
  • Individual prototyping, cutting, packaging, ironing services;
  • A complete package that includes all production phases.

Over the years we have collaborated with the best fashion houses of Made in Italy

  • produzione abbigliamento donna in conto terzi

The fasonist is the subject that makes the packaging of clothing in series, created on a basic model. It is a packaging maker or packaging company that creates clothing for third parties. Finally, the packaged products are intended for sale in the boutiques and outlets of the large distribution.

This type of production of women's clothing in the third party includes the following steps: Cut, Packaging and Stretch managed and monitored by us of Amber, but with raw material, fabrics, accessories, labels, etc. provided directly by the customer.

The production phase begins with the packaging of the relay chief, used to test the accuracy of the models. Once the relay chief is unlocked, the entire order is produced. Amber offers its customers productions of only Faon or prototype service, depending on your needs.